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    felix marbet

    The works of Felix Marbet are embossed by his character. He is a commuter across the border of different techniques and styles.

    As an Urban Artist he is replacing the spray can with brushes and knives and creates like this punchy, expressive acrylic paintings. Or he combines all of them what gives him the reputation of a seeker.

    His works show dynamic lettering up to abstract paintings which live through their colors, shapes and convince through their intensity.


    Felix Marbet enrooted in the Basel Area grew up with the Hip-Hop Scene of the early 80ties which he did experience in Cities like Amsterdam, London, Milan and Paris and he knew very early that this movement is a logical progress in his creative doings.


    At the start of the new millennium he relocated to the States, where he lived and worked for a few years in New York. Still up to today he is regularly travelling To the Big Apple.


    His large-scale and generous works reflect his search to the contrast in forms and colors which will hopefully never end.


    Isabelle Guggenheim - Basel


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